Information for Schools

Each September, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership mails nomination materials to all public and private high schools in the United States. Each school selects outstanding sophomores, based on their leadership potential, and nominates that student to represent their school at their state seminar.

High school sophomores are chosen because their age is critical in focusing on future goals and forming opinions for adulthood. They have the opportunity to create a “ripple effect” from their HOBY experience in their remaining high school years.

How do we register our students for the 2019 seminar?
Registrations are only accepted online.  If you are your school’s HOBY contact, you should have received an e-mail that contains your School ID and Password to be used with our online registration system.

To register a student, log on with your School ID and Password on the HOBY Student Registration site.

We recommend using the Registration Worksheet included in the Official Registration Kit mailed to your school.  This registration kit can be found  by (you can download it from this link) — the Worksheet contains all of the information that will be requested when registering online.

If you need your School ID or Password information, or if you have any questions about student registration, Visit our Contact page to let us know or Contact the Seminar Chair.

Where and when is the seminar?
The 2019 seminar is scheduled for June 27 – June 30, 2019 on the historic campus of Antioch College.  All participants, parents and schools will receive arrival and departure information prior to the seminar.

What does it cost to attend the seminar? Who Sponsors the Students to Attend?

Primary Students

A registration fee of $225 is required for schools to register a primary student. The school, parent or other individual or group pays for the registration fee.  This fee is collected by HOBY International and covers their necessary costs such as insurance, programming structure/delivery, volunteer training, printing and mailing of registration kits, marketing materials, etc.

  • Primary Student Local Sponsorship:  Costs for meals, lodging, facilities, and training materials for the entire weekend for the primary student are raised in the community by Southwest Ohio HOBY volunteers.  These funds are estimated at a cost per student of $200.  This is funded by sponsorship’s from corporations, civic organizations, foundations, and private citizens.
  • The only thing the primary student is responsible for is transportation to and from the seminar, a $40 key deposit, and any additional spending cash, i.e. for photos and souvenirs.

Additional, Alternates, and Guest Students

  • Additional/Alternates and guests are permitted on a space available basis.  The total cost for the alternates to attend is $395.  This includes the $225 registration fee which goes to HOBY International plus the local cost to cover the student’s meals, lodging, facilities, and training materials for the entire 4-DAYS.
  • Guests are individuals who are permitted to attend if they are a relative of a HOBY Alum, volunteer, etc.  Guests do not count towards the 10 students per school able to attend.  The total cost for a guest to attend is $395.

Transfers to Southwest Ohio from Other HOBY Seminars

  • Southwest Ohio HOBY will accept transfers on a space available basis.  The total cost for transfers to Southwest Ohio HOBY is $395.


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Questions?  Visit our Contact page.